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Our Alumni

ICBB has played a vital role in making me the person that I am today.  It was the foundation of my academic learning but more that my experience at ICBB was my introduction to real life.  I formed many close relationships in ICBB – friendships and special bonds that will never be forgotten.

We were pushed to our maximum capabilities.  We were told to work our hardest and to accept nothing short of our best – we strived to succeed.  Our teachers encouraged us to set the highest possible goals and to work our hardest to achieve them.  If we missed our mark, we were never admonished or reproved – we were told to try again and try harder.  We were always given something to strive for, to aim at.

We engaged in many extra-curricular activities.  We had numerous Halloween affairs and productions.  At this time of year, we had Christmas parties’, where wed give and receive gifts from one another.  This helped reinforce the homey and cozy atmosphere at ICBB that made it seem like home.

I hold no prejudices, as ICBB taught me that we are all equal.  We often participated in many empathy activities to encourage us to expand our horizons in life. The discipline and drive for success instilled in me at ICBB have contributed to my success as a person.  It applies to all aspects of my life – my riding, schoolwork, and morality as a person.  I accept nothing less than the best from myself and will aim as high as possible.  I strive to succeed and have learned to accept competition as a challenge and to embrace any obstacles in path.

ICBB taught me that I have no limitations – the only hindrance to success is myself.  I need to believe in myself.  I learned to mix with a variety of people and overcome my initial shyness and any inhibitions.  I was taught to be open and never to conceal my true self.  The self-confidence given to me there still remains with me today.

The lessons ICBB taught me will forever be engraved in my mind and in my heart.  It is inevitable that I will experience times of despair and lose hope, but I can always remember my time here and that will send me forward.

            Jofelis “Joker” Arroyo, ICBB Makati Graduate



Somewhere filed amongst my experiences are faded memories of Easter egg painting, being part of a Mary Poppins production and even learning how to tie my shoes. All of which occured in my pre-school, ICBB. At ICBB I learned the values of determination and flexibility. Virtues that I have carried with me to the shores of Malaysia and all the way up to the mountains in Switzerland where I am now for university. ICBB taught me how to adapt, be creative and take initiative, all with a big bright smile on my face.

             Camille Chungunco, ICBB Makati Graduate