The Program

The perfect harmony of the Mind, the Body and the Heart.

The Mind
Facilities are conducive and intellectually stimulating to learning.  Creative hands on activities that are multi-sensory, interactive and fun.

The Body
Movement is the child’s most natural way to learn about our environment.  By engaging in the movement and calisthenics, children develop their gross motor skills.

The Heart
ICBB aims to develop sensitivity and awareness of others as responsible members of a social group.  Through constant socialization, guided and unguided, children learn to mingle and relate with other kids as well as adults.  From rehearsals all the way to the final curtain call, the children learn the valuable lessons of working as a team while gaining that much needed confidence that is uniquely ICBB.

The daily schedule is intended to provide balance of activities with attentions to the following dimension of scheduling.

  • Altering periods of quiet time and active play.
  • A balance of large muscle and small muscle activities are provided.
  • A balance of child-initiated and teacher-initiated large group activity is provided.
  • The amount of time spent in teacher-initiated, large group activity is scheduled moderately.

The three most important elements that make up our day here at ICBB are DISCOVERY LEARNING, CONCEPT TEACHING, AND SELF-CARE ROUTINES.

Planned or routine activities may be changed according to the needs or interests of children, and/or to cope with changes in weather or other situations that affect routines without unduly alarming the children.

Infant Development Program (Lemon Yellow Room) 
Mondays to Fridays
01:00pm – 02:30pm 

The Yellow Room  (for babies aged 1.2 – 2 years old)
Mondays to Fridays
08:30am – 11:00am

The Aqua Room  (for toddlers aged 2.1 – 3 years old)
Mondays to Fridays
08:30am – 11:30am (morning session)
11:30am – 02:00pm (afternoon session)

The Peach Room  (for toddlers aged 3.1 – 3.11 years old)
Mondays to Fridays
08:30am – 12:00nn (morning session)
12:00nn – 03:30pm (afternoon session)

The Green Room  (for children aged 4-5 years old)
Mondays to Fridays
08:30am – 11:30am (morning session)
12:00nn – 03:30pm (afternoon session)