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Our Team - BGC Center

STEPHANIE GACRAMA, Center Team Leader, Orange Room
Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Children Services,TAFE Sydney, Australia
Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts, De La Salle University
6th year in Teaching
Multi-tasker, Lover of the Arts, Proud Mom

Teacher Steph discovered her passion for teaching during her studies in Australia where she was exposed to young children. She "s always believed all children are capable and confident learners. She believes that children should be treated equally in terms of justice, but differently in terms of their own needs and interests. With the right support from families and educators, children can develop and grow to be happy and succesful individuals. ICBB being her 2nd home, she says that even on her 4th year in ICBB, she looks forward to coming in everyday. Together with her dynamic team of teachers, she looks forward to a wonderful school year ahead!

KRISTINE PAEZ, Lower Level Group Leader, Aqua Room
BS Elementary Education with Specialization in Special Education, Southville International School and Colleges
Licensed 2012, 5th year in Teaching
Kid at heart, Outgoing, Travel and Food Enthusiast

Teacher Kris has always wanted to be a teacher. Her passion and love for children, patience and caring personality has led her to her life's career - that of a pre-school teacher. As playful as the children she teaches, she loves to impart learning in ways that will make it enjoyable and fun for her students. Teacher Kris is committed to helping young ones start off their school years on the right foot, paving the way for a positive learning experience as they grow.

MARIEL SISON, Higher Level Group Leader, Peach Room
Masters of Arts in Child Development (candidate), University of Asia and the Pacific
3rd year in Teaching
Series Enthusiast, Sports Lover, Educator

Teacher Mariel believes that as an educator, she should provide activities that will give children their voyage of discovery. In this light, education should heighten the skills and abilities of the children. Educators should support the curiosity of the child and develop the love of learning. With the help of the parents, these children will be thinkers and problem-solvers of the future.

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, De La Salle University - Manila
Licensed "10, 2nd year in teaching
Believer, Travel Enthusiast, Food Junkie

Teacher Katz believes that each child is capable of doing great things. It is her desire to help children reach their full potential by providing a learning environment that is safe, encourages exploration and uses real life experiences as a learning tool. She believes that learning should be active, engaging, continuous and fun! In her free time, Teacher Katz enjoys reading, cooking and photography.

Master in Early Childhood education, major in Special education (candidate)
Bachelor of Communication Arts, major in media production
Assumption College "09
2nd year in teaching
Travel Buddy, Food Enthusiast and Movie Critic.

Teacher Camille believes that every child is unique, that they just unwrap their packages at different times. She enjoys preparing a fun, holistic atmosphere for children to love learning an life altogether. She loves how children have the purest and kindness of hearts, epecially the sincerity of their smiles and laughter. She sees the beauty in all things and deeply enjoys life"s simple pleasures.

Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education, St. Scholastica's College - Manila
3rd year in Teaching
Cooking Enthusiast, Driven, Enduring, Tough but Tender

According to Teacher Royce, learning never stops even as an educator. She believes that we can always acquire new knowledge and skills from each other. You just have to be driven in everything you do. With her love for teaching, she wants the children to feel and experience the fun in learning. Their experience in school will open doors of opportunities to grow and enhance their proficiency.

Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Education, Miriam College
3rd year in teaching
Theater Performer and Child at Heart

Teacher Bee believes that learning should always be FUN for the students. Her goal has always been to keep her students interested and never tire from learning. Because she believes that just like teaching learning is a gift that keeps on giving.

BERNICE TAN, Mustard Room
Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, De La Salle University - Manila
3rd year in Teaching
Committed, Nurturing, Energetic

It has always been Teacher Bernice's dream to become a preschool teacher because she wants to be an instrument of change and be able to serve others. She believes all children are born with the desire and ability to learn - that is why, she always makes it a point to inculcate in all her students good values in life such as respect, generosity, and bravery. Teacher Bernice loves what she does because it gives her the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of all her students as well as the lives that they will touch when they grow up.

BS Early Childhood Education, De La Salle University - Manila
Licensed 2013, 3rd year in Teaching
Full of Laughter, Energetic, Lover of Anything Sweet and Chocolatey

Teacher Bea's warm personality and infectious energy easily mingles with the children's enthusiastic and endearing personality. She has a natural love for children and believes that each child is unique. Teacher Bea makes sure to provide a positive and fun learning experience to nurture the needs of the children and bring out the best of their abilities.

BC Major in Media Production, Assumption College, Makati
1st year in Teaching
Creative, Giddy, Loves Kids, Photography Buff

Teacher Giselle has her way of connecting to the children through her warm characteristic. She may be a into technical stuff, but when it comes to teaching kids, it gives her a very good feeling. She know how to bond well with the kids. Also, when it comes to teaching, she always makes sure to have the children at their utmost safety and learning things in a fun way in school at the same time.

Bachelor of Science in Management, Minor in Education '15, Ateneo de Manila University
1st year in Teaching
Writer, Reader, Traveler, Closet Performer

Teacher Dani believes that for students to thrive in their learning environment, they must enjoy what they are doing. Acknowledging that everyone has different strengths, she looks forward to getting to know her students as individuals in order to discover what works best for each of them. By providing an aesthetic and enjoyable atmosphere, she hopes for her students to develop into curious lifelong learners. In her spare time, Teacher Dani dabbles in calligraphy, music and art.

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts '13, De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde
1st year in Teaching
Art Lover, Cookie Monster, Bookworm

Teacher Raphi has always believed that life should be overflowing with love and laughter, and she hopes to share that enthusiasm with everyone she meets, especially her students. Prior to teaching, she was a creative by profession. Now she is more than happy to be using her talents and skills to enrich the learning of children. She believes that every child has the potential for greatness. As a teacher, her aim is to help each student discover their gifts, and encourage them to maximize this potential.

BAMBY TAN, Orange Room
Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, De La Salle University—Manila
4th year in Teaching
Adventurous, Bubbly, Creative

Teacher Bamby believes that the early stages of a child"s development is crucial to their growth as a holistic person. Her pedagogy is that learning should be fun and experiential, aimed at developing a child mentally, emotionally, physically and socially in a safe environment. Bamby has been teaching for 4 years now. She is a crafter; she enjoys making artworks and creating new games for the children.

Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education, University of Santo Tomas
1st year in Teaching
Joyful, Patient, Curious, Adventurous, Open-minded

Teacher Juli thinks the way to a student"s heart is being full of joy and love. She believes that in teaching, being patient is the key to a meaningful learning. She wants children to embrace curiosity as it gives them freedom to explore and have a great adventure. She is always up for an adventure inside and out of the classroom.

Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major in Home Economics Education, University of the Philippines - Diliman
2nd year in Teaching
Aesthete, Bookworm, Creative Writer, Film Enthusiast, Jovial Wonderer

Teacher Karina considers education as one of the most significant values. For someone who yearns for knowledge, she believes her purpose is to impart it to others. Since learning is best had when children are exploring and enjoying, she strive to make her lessons fun and meaningful. She believes that children have unique personalities and are naturally intelligent, and wants to help them recognize their talents. She loves kids, art, and everything naturally beautiful. As a former Creative Writing student, she finds her passion in reading and writing prose and poetry.

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English, De La Salle University - Manila
1st year in Teaching
Dragon Boat Race, Aspiring Writer, Thrill Seeker, Patriot

Teacher Raciel wants to be an inspiration to others. She believes she was called to teach children and encourage them to see the beauty of what life can offer. Through teaching, she not only has the ability to make her students intelligent, she also allows them to appreciate the process of learning. She does this by caring for every child"s needs and allowing them to enjoy learning.