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Our Team - Greenhills Center

MA. BEA KRISTINE R. GARCIA, Center Team Leader
M.A. in Education - Major in Child Development and Education, University of Asia and the Pacific
Professional Course in Special Education, College of the Holy Spirit
B.S. Nursing, University of Santo Tomas
Registered Nurse and Midwife
Licensed "15, 5th year in Teaching
Playful, Childlike, Foodie

Teacher Bea truly has passion for kids. She used to take care of children from conception until birth, but she did not stop there. She also wanted to be a part of their lives especially in their formative years. Having fun while learning, this is what she has always believed in. This has also motivated her to never stop looking for ways on improving her activities and teaching style.

Teacher Certificate Program, St. Paul University Manila
M.A. in Education - Major in Child Development and Education, University of Asia and the Pacific
Teacher Certificate Program, St. Paul University Manila
BS in Nursing, San Juan de Dios College
Licensed '15, 5th year in Teaching
Easy-going, Outspoken, Photography Buff

There"s never a dull moment with this California native. Always up for a challenge and new adventure, she moved to Manila in 2005 and has called it home ever since. She has dedicated a great amount of her time to charities and organizations such as Philippine Red Cross and Paco Settlement House. After attaining a degree in nursing as prescribed by doctor mom and dad, she decided to pursue her passion for teaching. She loves teaching because of the kids, chaos, and unpredictability. She believes that kids keep her young and on her toes. She enjoys being under the sun and anything that"s just plain fun.

BS Child Development and Education, Major in Special Education, Miriam College
1st year in Teaching
Ardent, Tactful, Adventurous, Curiour 

Teacher Dana, a passionate and optimistic person who believes that learning does not only happen with the use of pen and paper but also through the student"s everyday experiences. Teacher Dana"s love for kids resulted to her love for teaching. For her, being inside the classroom does not only mean that she"s there to teach a group of kids, but also to learn from her students as well. This adventure seeker is all about seizing the moment and following your heart and most importantly to appreciate the simple things in life. She believes that being a teacher is all about influencing and touching the lives of children without knowing when, how, or even why.

BA Communication, Miriam College
1st year in Teaching
Amiable, God-fearing, Kid at Heart, Sweet Tooth

A young woman with a passion for teaching. Teacher Abi may seem to be very independent but she clings to people and show them how important their opinions are. Most importantly, she has a big heart. She"s got so much love to give and just willing and happy to give it to everyone she meets.

B.S in SPorts Science, University of Santo Tomas
Ceritficate in Professional Education, University of the Philippines (current)
4th year in Teaching
Arts & Crafts Master, Frisbee & Basketball Aficionado

Teacher Arjae loves to be with children. Seeing their happy faces everyday makes her day complete. She believes that children learn best through play. Playing is the simplest way for them to absorb knowledge and necessary life skills they need as they grow. Let the kids use their senses and explore their environment; make them learn through play-based activities. 

TARA LAPIZ, Mustard Room
M.A. in Communication - Major in Integrated Marketing Communication, University of the Asia and the Pacific
1st year in Teaching
Dog Lover, Anime Fan, Aspiring Writer, Music Enthusiast

Fresh out of the corporate world, Teacher Tara decided to dive into the world of teaching for a bigger sense of purpose and fulfillment. She loves reading, writing, listening to Indie music and above all, she loves dogs and little kids. Joining the ICBB family, she wishes to make a change in the world, one step at a time.

B.S. Early Chilhood Education, De La Salle Univeristy - Manila
Licensed '14; 2nd year in Teaching
Optimistic, Warm, Spontaneous

She is a firm believer that the best way for children to learn and interact with others is through play. She is an avid traveler and enjoys reading during her down time.

A.B. Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University
1st year in Teaching
Nurturing, Reflective, Adventurous

She aims to make learning enjoyable as well as encourage autonomy for and in its process. Among various inclinations, she is most drawn to music and art.

Miriam College
1st year in Teaching
Bubbly, Energetic, and Fun to be With

She graduated from Miriam College with a degree in Communication Arts, but teaching kids has always been one of her biggest dreams. She loves being surrounded by and playing with kids because it gives her joy to know that they are easy to please and appreciate even the smallest things. Teacher Gia enjoys the simpler things in life, such as chats over coffee or randomly breaking into song or dance to make her loved ones laugh.

B.A.A. Major in Theatre, Miriam College
1st year in Teaching
Versatile, Hard-Working, Witty

For her, creative expression is essential for children's learning.  Her passion for the arts will create a fun classroom environment.  Aside from performing, she is also into poetry.

BS in Child Development and Education, University of Asia and the Pacific
LET Candidate; 1st year in Teaching
Arts & Crafts Fanatic, Movie Lover, Active Traveler

Having grown up as the youngest of her generation in her family, Teacher Sandra has always dreamed of pursuing a career dealing with young children. She always enjoys playing and making crafts with kids as well as taking pictures of/with them. She also enjoys turning those captured moments into audio-visual presentations in her spare time. She looks forward to the journey she will have with her students and hopes to create a positive impact on their lives.

AB Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University
1st year in Teaching
Adventurous, Yoga Enthusiast, Aspiring Counselor, Life Coach

Teacher Gica is a sweet, fun and bubbly person. She is the youngest of 3 children but is known to be the “mommy” among her friends because of her nurturing nature. She loves playing and spending time with kids, most especially empowering them to be the best person they can be. That is why she has involved herself in workshops such as TORCH Leadership Seminar and My Life, My Responsibility where she served as a facilitator in helping children and teens in their personal growth and development. Teacher Gica aspires to be a child and family counselor, and life coach. She believes that each person has the potential to make a difference in the world if one is surrounded by a positive and encouraging environment.

Professional Teaching Certificate, UP Open University
BA Speech Communication, University of the Philippines - Baguio
Licensed '15, 3rd year in Teaching
Animated, Genuine, Warm Hearted

Teacher Monica is happiest around children. She describes the classroom as a magical place where kids do the wittiest, smartest, and funniest things.  She understands that teachers make a big impact in a child"s well-being.  This is why she continually aspires to be a better teacher by doing further studies and gaining more experience.

AB Organizational Communication, De La Salle University - Manila
Certificate in Fashion Design and Merchandising SoFA Design Institute
1st year in Teaching
Insightful Observer, Realistic Dreamer, God's Beloved Ragdoll

Emily has always had a heart for kids and been a kid-at-heart. She has a keen interest in beauty and fashion, but helping shape the lives of children is the beat of her heart. She is driven to be an instrument to let them reach their full potential and be all they were made to be. "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)

BA Psychology, Univeristy of the Philippines - Diliman
1st year in Teaching
Writer, Reader, Chocolate-Eater

Teacher Mara wants to share her love for reading with all of her students. Nurturing and kind, she does her best to ensure that her classroom environment is suitable to the needs of her students, and works to help them become efficient learners in whatever way she can. She believes that both teacher and student learn and grow in their interactions with each other, and she strives to make every interaction a chance for positive development for all those involved.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Children's Services, TAFE, Australia
BA in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs, De La Salle Collge of St. Benilde
3rd year in Teaching
Outgoing, Bibliophile, Gamer

Teacher Carla is a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners. She works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students. As a voracious reader, she hopes to share her love for reading with the children. She is an advocate of fun and makes learning a fun experience for the children.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Miriam College
1st year in Teaching
Youth Leader, Dream Catcher, Inspiration, Princess

“To be an inspiration”- this is the famous line of Teacher Eka and she wants to share it to the whole world.  She may be a Communication graduate and currently taking up her M.A in Speech Communication, but teaching is her “first love”- and first love, as we say, never dies.   It was not a shock that she ended up with her “first love” as her career.  Teache Eka is a playful and happy teacher; she loves to “bond” with her students. She is often seen role playing, singing and dancing with her students in front of the mirror after class.  She is very proud to share in her speeches that she has the most fulfilling career- inspiring little great minds. After all, that is her goal in life- To be an inspiration.

Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology, Univerity of the Philippines - Diliman
1st year in Teaching
Thrill Seekr, Travel Enthusiast, Hippie Flower Child

Teacher Denise has always had an affinity towards children and teaching so it was no surprise when she told her family and friends that she wanted to teach preschool. Her love of learning and helping children ultimately pushed her to pursue socio-civic activities in her undergrad organizations; of which included, teaching underprivileged kids in the B.A.T.A Foundation, Brookside Community in Bagong Silangan, and Tahan-tahanan in East Avenue Medical Center. She also taught rappelling, mountaineering, and basic first aid to college students for their NSTP-CWTS program. Teacher Denise loves being active, whether it be skin diving, hiking, or acting in a play, she"ll be more than happy to go on new adventures and incorporate them into the stories she tells.

BS Education - Major in English, De La Salle University
Licensed '12, 1st year in Teaching
Kid at Heart, Jill of All Trades, Animal Recue Advocate

Rediscovering her love for teaching after two years in the insurance industry, Teacher Peachy has welcomed the challenge of working with energy packed preschoolers.  Treating every day as start of another exciting time for discovery and exploration as she guides her students in the quest for learning. Having experienced facilitating classes in both grade school and high school, she sees working with younger kids as another chance to learn as she believes that the life of a teacher is the life of a lifelong learner. Being a member of Gawad Kalinga, she has conducted workshops and tutoring for the youth of Baseco Village and still looking forward in continuing so. Equipped with enthusiasm and anticipation, she is geared up for an expedition the in realms of learning, play, and enjoyment.